Wuyi Bow

Wuyi Bow

Taking up archery as a hobby or as a sport can be rewarding with the appropriate gear on hand. For the keen archer, the Wuyi bow is a great choice to add to his group of bows. A Wuyi bow buying guide can help you in selecting the most suitable to use among the 4 types that are currently accessible, if you’ll need one.

Why is compounds particular? This is for reducing the force exerted to draw the bow completely beneficial. It provides a draw weight that is lower to you so it is easy to aim and hold the bow in place.

Wuyi bows have highly precise sight pins that you can adjust based on your target’s different distances. In fact, the layout is even considered simpler to use and more advanced in comparison with traditional recurve bows and long bows.

The appropriate compound: easy to use, simple to keep, and more accurate.

Unless you are an expert, buy the one-cam bow for ease of use, convenience, and something rapidly since double cams need you to have an increased skill level and good timing. The Wuyi bow must also match with your arm span. So, figure out what your draw length is by measuring the distance while in shooting position starting from the border to the side of your fist. A shop where you are able to purchase your compound can fix it but make sure that it is still simple for you without being overly feeble to draw,. Remember that lower draw weights generally have lesser force.

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