Takedown Bow

With lots of the takedown bow getting shorter, I was wondering what makes forgiving. Is this in fact authentic, let’s look at some things to determine why or why not.

A A-to-A bow has more weight farther from the pivot point so making it more difficult to cant the bow or helping it balance not worse. Maybe even help keep it level during the shot.

Takedown Bow

Depending on draw length, the bow that is longer could have steep cord angle. Is this better, can it be really an issue? Is this an issue?, with most businesses developing amount nock travel cams Are you able to see a difference on a 300, Field, Fita round?

Todays axles takedown bow that are short have risers that are much longer than the majority of older takedown bow. In addition you have weight. This should negate the weight and balance dilemma between long and thus called short takedown bow.

Lots of people that shoot the shorter takedown bow say that they hold or direct like a very long axle bow. I believe there are two variables creating this feeling.

A ridge frame is created by first the parallel limb at full draw that is much different than the older design takedown bow with short risers and long arms.

By having mass weight farther from the pivot point or clasp, this gives the shot the feel and equilibrium of a very long axle bow in a package that is substantially shorter.

Another thought is the new shorter limbs. The old takedown bow had limbs that are long and short riser. Long limbs would mean more flexiblity. To me this means more chance of torquing the bow. The short parallel limbs make it harder to torque because they don’t flex as easily.

Ten years ago, a 38″ bow would have been called exceptionally short. Yet now we are seeing some very high scores being shot with 38″ and less takedown bow.

If a long axle bow is important to be precise, then how can it be that a double 70m record was broken by Chris White. This man often will shoot any bow he picks. Why would he and this bow that is short compete if a longer bow shoot better? The answer is he wouldn’t. Which some on this kind of short axle bow would also be consider taboo.

Takedown Bow

Tournament scores and records are being broken now with takedown bow the defy the opinion that longer is better. A lot are being recorded on takedown bow that 5 years past were considered not too long to shoot accurately. WHICH believe proven scores and bow technology that is new is forcing people to re-think the longer is better attitude.
So you’ve decided to purchase a compound bow. Congratulations, you are one step closer to being totally awesome.

This article is going produce some answers and to ask a few questions. All these are precisely the same things when I set out to purchase my first bow WHICH wondered, and I believe they’re the perfect way to pass on the gained expertise.

If you want to utilize it for hunting, this article will be focused mainly on you, as it is what I plan to do with mine.. This post still applies to you, if you’re planning to use it for target shooting or contest. But fortunately, you have quite a few more options and factors, which I’ll address later.

In case you don’t understand much about compound takedown bow or axle-to-axle length are, WHICH would suggest Googling before continuing on with this post these terms to become comfortable with them. Trust Chris, it will help when purchasing a bow you in the long run to know these conditions outside and inside.

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