Single Cougar Women

Single Cougar Women

You must have already been living in a cave in case you have not heard of what there are single cougar women by now. No, were not discussing the female species that lives in mountainous areas by being active, ambitious, and shrewd. Yet the issues do have similarities that are metaphorical.

It’s been rumored and said that the word and term “Cougar” originated in a Canadian pub. Allegedly the catch phrase started by a group of younger men who discovered specific mature/single cougar women who thought and behaved otherwise than typical single cougar women in the early 2000’s.

Certain things that distinguished “Single cougar women” from most other women were there self-confidence, demeanor, and charisma. Not only do men (young & old) gravitate towards such women, other women, tend to also have a certain esteem and admiration for ‘real single cougar women’. Having a person, distinctive, assurance, wisdom, separate and liberating nature reflects and signifies other influential women figures like Marylyn Monroe, Madonna, and now Demi Moore.

The men are sometimes called “cougar hunters” or “cubs”, but none have adhered as strong as the cougar term. Although these are the nicknames for the male variant of the subject men usually do not generally reference the terms/words. However, most men will tell you they don’t really appreciate the term ‘cub’ very much.

How you define cougar is really around the individual/people who are genuinely enthusiastic about the issue. The cougar definition is somewhat of a living definition and it is meaning is adapting into something more than only single cougar women/younger men. There are several kinds of “single cougar women” and “cubs” that make up the perceptions of the cougar community. As the cougar subject evolves and changes we can anticipate wordage, and new perceptions, definitions as it continues to grow in its place to come forth .

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