Ring Dies

Ring Dies

Most Ring Dies pellets are made in substantial creation commercial pellet mills but this is starting to change as small businesses and more consumers are using small scale pellet factories. This article will give a short introduction to you if you’re interested about how ring dies are made or are considering making them yourself.

Pellets can be made from many biomass materials. Ring die pellets were made for animal feed from materials like grain and alfalfa long before manufacturers began making ring die pellets. The procedure for making pellets from nearly any organic stuff is basically the same as it is for pelletizing wood.

There is a ring die pellet simply a compressed form of the substance that is initial. The stuff is compressed by shoving it into a funnel shaped die. The material compresses as the hole diameter gets smaller as it goes deeper. This also generates heat that may melt down binding agents in the stuff.

Some materials will need more conditioning than others . The size must be reduced so it’ll fit into the dies. Most materials should be dried to the correct moisture content which may change depending on the stuff. Some materials have enough natural binding agent in the dies although a binding agent may require to be added.

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