PV Inverter

The INTENTIONS 1250 Watt PV inverter PWRINV1250W is a modified sine with a peak spike of 3100 watts and a max operating temperature of 140 degrees. The Aims 1250 Watt PV inverter is the best selling inverter on the market today! This energy inverter has NEPT (New Equipment Defense Technology) this technology stops any damages occurring for your program from hard starts.

The INTENTIONS 1250 Watt PV inverter PWRINV1250W is not and light-weight as pricey as others like it. The Trains 1250 modified sine is mobile for safe-keeping and easy lifting. Together with this awesome PV inverter you’ll have a distant to your ease to show the energy inverter off and on; there will be cables added to the inverter.

The Trains inverter has a continuous 1250 W along with a constant strength of 10.4 amplifiers. The Aims 1250 inverter is a modified sine-wave with a volt meter situated on the entrance of the inverter for the convenience. (This may make it more easy to monitor your battery’s voltage) That is an Amplifier meter that may enable you to keep tabs on the rate that the battery has been drained.

The activities on the inverter have three colours for each function, green signifies the power is on and that this is not a lot or a light weight. Yellowish led light means there exists a medium load. Red led light means hefty load to problem state.

PV Inverter

There are an switch and three and two prong AC receptacles. The remote (if your version Plans 1250 has a remote) is pre- wired and you are able to utilize the remote to turn the inverter away or on. The Aims 1250 inverter has a maximum surge of 3100 watts and a max operating temperature of 140 degrees. A safety is from over heating and from overloading. The inverter includes a double functioning fan for cooling system.

During the time of purchase the INTENTIONS 1250 Watt PV inverter PWRINV1250W includes a-one year guarantee on labor and the components of the inverter, and an instructional guide, one-year of technical assistance.

The Aims Inverter is really light-weight. It weighs 8.1 pounds and it’s portable for easy storage. (Does not take much room up)

The inverter has two containers for your own convenience. There’s three prong receptacles and a two prong.

The lover method will keep your inverter cool. A protection in position is that can keep the body and shield it from power surges. The inverter is enveloped in aluminium and it really is easy and lightweight to awesome. There is a mounting plate that’s pre-slotted. You are not going to have to be concerned about tech support with this merchandise because you are going to have one year of a-one year guarantee and tech support to change of fix components and purchase the labor!

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