Mens Skull Rings USA

Skull is an indicator of dread and bullying, in European culture it signifies departure, whereas in the American culture it signifies disregard to power. The style that started out as a punk rock insignia has now spawned right into a counter culture item which signifies a bad ass attitude towards life as well as a fashion statement. Using human skull as an ornamental item has been part of the occult and pagan rites that are medieval in old times.

Mens Skull Rings USA

The 1st mens skull rings USA in main stream media were the rings worn by the Phantom, the primary comic book hero having a mask, in 1936 publication of the comic strip. This use of a skull ring which if used dished out a laser beam was the very first case of the use of skull on a ring. Now days it is worn with plenty of high end celebs for example Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Elton John.

Mens skull rings USA¬†were initially made from gold in the medieval times, but as time went on and the use of skull as a counter culture thing, it’s now made in fairly low-cost metals for example bronze, silver or stainless steel. The innovation of machines and new forging things in addition has given a unique and quite trendy appearance to the skulls of the prior era as now the skull on a ring is engraved using a very unique fashion and additionally has rocks imbedded in it which often provide a very grand feeling to it. Some counter culture fashion designers also us as jewelry that was attractive the silver rings whereas a few of the fairly affluent counter culture enthusiasts even developed a liking for gold mens skull rings USA. Although these rings essentially go against the conventional standards of this anti-establishment culture, however as is with the media and money trend statements that are made by the poor are taken up by them and also the ideology of the don’t care approach becomes a money making magnet.

Additionally, there are skull rings accessible the market, which are produced the real Goths and by the first bikers. The original bikers have refined and redeveloped their ideals without losing its initial allure, of making mens skull rings USA. Goth rings possess a unique style of having Gothic pictures combined with the rings, these rings and the biker rings differ as they all have black imagery on it using the cross a crucial sign.

Normally associated with Harley bikers in Europe and with the Goths in the US, it was firstly and most notoriously worn by the phantom of the comic strip celebrity. Through the years this ring is an extremely marketable commodity with icon and Keith and has made a public persona of its own.

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