Lighted Nocks

This question is quite common when selecting archery arrows with lighted nocks. It is said that feathers are more forgiving. Perhaps this can be thus, for target shooting or shooting a recurve or bow that is right. Plastic vanes on the other hand are my pick just because I do lots of nasty weather hunting of fletching. There aren’t any actual great explanations of which to select from. Many archers have drawn on their own decisions based on the kind they use. For example, if you’re shooting a recurve or right bow (or something similar), subsequently feathers would be my pick.

Lighted Nocks

This unique mix functions perfectly for me whether I am hunting or firing targets. When firing targets, I’ll practice up to 60 yards away, but when hunting I just feel assured shooting. Plastic vanes are used by me just many times during the hunting season it’s below freezing and wet. Feathers often get wet and freeze, so not pliable enough to get a flight that is true.

I urge you shield the fletching with a layer, if you would rather use feathers. This will enable most of the wetness to repel.

When shooting a recurve or right bow, it’s recommended that you simply use feathers for the straightforward reason it is more forgiving when coming from the window of the bow. What this means is the feather gives way to your own arrow rest or the side of the window of the bow upon release of your arrow with lighted nocks. Additionally I advocate a helical kind of fletching. This enables your arrow¬†with lighted nocks to whirl considerably earlier after your launch, helping to make your arrow’s flight straighter, right from your bow.

Selection of colours can also be a hard choice to make. When bow hunting, I would rather use something which blends in with the surroundings as well as a brightly coloured or white cock feather. This lets you see your arrow with lighted nocks upon contact with wild game or your target.

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