Hologram Sticker With Dot Matrix Hologram

Founding in business becomes necessary to increase productivity and imagination. The market becomes more demanding in all aspects while competitors are increasing in terms of amount and quality. We keep conducting business in the same way and if we print hologram sticker and make no change then eventually we will be abandoned by our clients.

Among the founding in gummed label hologram printing is the Dot-Matrix Hologram. The laser beam is managed with computer to ensure the process is exact and exact. The outcome is beautiful holographic images with numerous effects, including switching, zooming, going and diffraction.

The levels inside the hologram sticker are formed with different visual depth for each one of them. The mixture create a lovely impact of dot matrix hologram effect. There are many distinct effects that can be made. They’re:

Hologram Sticker

1. Substitution effect.

2. Projective result. It projects any text or term with any typeface. Additionally it may project images based on the design.

3. Zoom effect. It provides out zoom in or zoom-out effect using different shapes, such as square, circle, curve, polygon as well as words.

4. 3D result. It mimics a 2 or three dimensional picture in the hologram sticker.

5. Random matrix effect. It creates blinking dots in different angles of view.

6. Letters can be created in 0.12 millimeters dimension.

7. Pearl effect. It provides out the pearl colour effect to the picture or layout in the hologram sticker.

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