Chocolate Production Line

Chocolate Production Line

Chocolate production line are getting to be a popular draw in celebrations and other events. Children and grownups alike resist the temptation of dipping various kinds of treats into an overflowing production line of creamy and rich chocolate fondue.

Yet, knowing the way to use this wonderful chocolate machine can make an irritating mess or buffet table and this kind of major difference between a mouthwatering dessert. Learning the way to use correctly also ensures that your party won’t ever be forgotten.

1. Place the machine on a steady and powerful surface. Be certain that it’s put on a surface The machine itself is light but with fresh fruits, the chocolate fondue, plates and skewers, the entire screen could be a lot more heavy. Additionally, a surface that is stable and level allows the machine to run properly and flow evenly.

2. Plug the machine using an unique circuit. Avoid using an extension cord. If this is impossible make sure that no one will trip over the extension cord by properly taping it to the floor.

Chocolate Production Line

3. Supply appropriate ventilation. Commonly, there are vent holes discovered on the underside. Avoid blocking these places with linen or other fabrics to prevent over heating.

4. Assemble the production line in line with the consumer’s manual. But first, make sure to wash all the components before putting everything together.

5. There are three ways to do that, in the microwave, on the stove top and in the basin or reservoir. When melting chocolate on a range top, use a double boiler and place it over a low heat. Constantly stir the chocolate to prevent burning.

If you decide to melt the chocolate in a microwave, do not let it running for a long time. Set the microwave on low heat, and then place the chocolate ‘microwaveable’ bowl. Run the microwave. Remove, stir and repeat the procedure until you get the desired consistency.

On the other hand, when melting chocolate in the basin of the machine, you have to stir the chocolate continuously every three to five minutes. Note that bowl melting usually takes up to one hour to fully melt the chocolate depending on the measurement of the machine and the quantity of chocolate.

6. Prepare the dippers. When using fresh fruits, them dry up so the chocolate will stick to them. In addition, you have to be certain that the dippers are cut into bite size pieces to allow them to be separately skewered.

7.Closely track the chocolate. Both basin-melted and pre-melted chocolate demands careful monitoring on the very first time that they are poured into production line. Frequently stir the chocolate and scoop it towards the facility or the auger to begin the machine flowing with liquid chocolate.