Cable Duct Rodder

Far from simply binding the wires and elements of a cable television harness together, picking the appropriate encapsulation for your assembly can provide security from abrasion, vibration and impact damage, extreme temperatures, moisture ingress, chemical vapours and even fire retardancy.

Cable Duct Rodder

The below guide describes a few of the advantages and requirements of the more popular alternatives, to help you select the most suitable for your assembly.


Ideal for low-risk applications, Over-Taping supplies numerous benefits as compared to loose wires or cables. In addition to insulating the wire and making a harness or loom considerably simpler to manage and install, Over-Taping deals cost-effective protection against low level abrasion, vibration and effect damage.

Cable televisions assemblies made of high quality cable duct rodder can be over-taped in a variety of electrical tapes, specific to your requirements or application. One particularly helpful application for Over-Taping is making use of coloured tape to show the voltage level and stage of the wire, called “phasing tape”. When wires are phased, a ring of tape is put on each end near the termination so that the purpose of the wire is obvious. The following table describes this usage.

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink is an extremely flexible option to cable protection. Heat Shrink can be used for electrical insulation, mechanical defense, cable and harness bundling, sleeving and cable identification while at the same time offering protection from abrasion, vibration, impact and moisture ingress.

Readily available in a wide range of thicknesses, colours and materials, Heat Shrink can be applied to satisfy the private needs of the environment and application. Flame-resistant adhesive lined Heat Shrink tubing for example provides an unsurpassable level of cable and wire defense in even the hottest and most extreme of environments, consisting of hot engines. Other examples include low toxicity index for fire safety applications, high-grip product, chemical or diesel resistant and fire retardant Heat Shrink.

Cable television Braiding

Suitable for jacketing and securing a broad variety of cable television and wire assemblies made of high quality cable duct rodder, Intertwining offers hard yet light-weight security in environments where it is not practical to have an Avenue Intertwining is particularly useful where area is minimal or the assembly has to maintain flexibility, for example when running a cable television under the carpet of a car.

Braiding can be used at a range of levels to use security ranging from low level abrasion, vibration and effect damage, to flame retardant Braiding appropriate for high temperature environments.


Electrical Conduit offers difficult yet flexible insulation and protection to the enclosed conductors. Offered in metal or plastic, depending upon the level of security required, Avenue is perfect for safeguarding wires in exposed areas.

In addition to the basic level of protection used versus abrasion, vibration, impact and wetness ingress, Channel can also be utilized in a number of specialised environments. When installed with sufficient sealing fittings, a Conduit can supply security from fire or surge risks by not permitting the flow of combustible gases and vapors to live cables. Metal Channel can also be utilized to both shield delicate circuits from electro-magnetic interference, and also to prevent emission of such disturbance from enclosed power cables.

Cable Duct Rodder

Both metal and plastic Channel can likewise be bent to permit a cool installation of the assembly, this is particularly beneficial when fitting an assembly into an irregular or curved profile.

Over Moulding

Over-moulding is among the most total methods of protecting an assembly and is specifically useful for securing delicate elements and port joints, in addition to helping to make an assembly tamper-proof. Over Moulding completely encapsulates the contact and wire termination point, supplying a mechanical bond in between the cable television and circular connector and considerable environment sealing of the terminations. This included strain and flex relief considerably increases the performance and security of a connector and the assembly.

Over Moulding is likewise among the most visually pleasing types of cable television defense and can be utilized to enhance the look of a product, while at the same time securing the wiring from abrasion, vibration, wetness ingress, effect and heat damage.

Water resistant

In environments where additional protection is needed from wetness ingress, comprehensive water-proofing of an assembly can be accomplished with using IP ranked parts. Aside from avoiding wetness ingress, Waterproofed assemblies made of high quality cable duct rodder deal protection from abrasion, effect and heat damage and are perfect for application where systems are exposed to extreme weather or high humidity either inside or outside.

Waterproofed assemblies made of high quality cable duct rodder are vital in market sectors that are often subjected to tough ecological forces, such as Marine, Water Utilities, Medical, Armed force and Traffic Management Control Equipment.Get the information about cable duct rodder you are seeking now by visiting